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* Master Circular on Operating Diversion of Coal and associated Freight Realization/Refunds (Railway Board's letter no. 2020/TC-I/20/01 dated 22.02.2022). Download
* Gazettee Notification regarding addition of new Rule 5 (Mode of Payment) in Railway Accidents and Untoward Incidents Compensation, Rules 1990.
Railway Accidents and Untoward Incidents (Compensation) Amendment Rules, 2020.
* Railway Passengers (Manner of Investigation of Untoward Incidents), Rules 2020. Download
* Powers of Settling Claims for Compensation. No. 2017/TC-III/2/1 dated 17.03.2017. Download
* Railway Accidents and Untoward Incidents (Compensation) Amendment Rules, 2016.
Gazette Notification dated 22.12.2016.
* Preferment of Claims.
No. 2012/TC-III/1/1/ER dated 30.09.2015.
* Claims Circular No. 02/2014
Revision in Para-403 of Chapter IV of Indian Railways Code for Traffic (Commercial) Department.
No. 2014/TC-III/1/2/IRCT(C)/Ch.IV dated 07/11/2014
* Claims Circular No. 01/2014
Revised rules and procedures regarding operating diversion of sponsored coal.
No. 2011/TC-III/20/01/Coal dated 11/July/2014
* Payment of enhanced ex-gratia and enhancement of ex-gratia relief in case of passengers who are hospitalized for more than one month as a result oftrain accidents/untoward incidents.
No. 2011/TC-III/27/29/Ex-Gratia dated 07/05/2013
* Ex-gratia relief payable in case of death/injury of railway passengers in Train Accidents as defined under Section 124 of the Railways Act, 1989 and to the road users in Manned Level Crossing gate accidents.
No. 2011/TC-III/27/29/Ex-gratia dated 26.07.2012
* Guidelines for settlement of claims of Newspaper/Magazine firms English
* Payment of ex-gratia to the victims of train accidents/untoward incidents Download
* Manner of Investigation of Untoward Incidents - Download
Duties of Staff - Download
Form-1 & Form-2 - Download
Revised Inspection Form - Download
* Settlement of time barred claims for Refund of excess Freight and Goods Compensation Claims Download
* Compendium of Instructions on settlement of Claims of Newspapers & Magazines Download
* Expeditious settlement of claims filed by Industry Download
* Auctioning of unclaimed articles Download
* Enhancement of ex-gratia relief in case of passengers who are ........ Download
* Creation of posts for Special Cells in case of accidents/untoward incidents. Download
* Reimbursement of DNA Test Download
* Auctioning of Two-Wheelers Download
* Manner of Investigation of Untoward Incidents Download
* Claims on Newspapers & Magazines Download
* Claims due to Damage by Wet Download
* Reweiment of Consignment Download
* Working of NR Cell Download
* Claims Prevention Download
* PO Download
* POL Download
* COAL Download
* Notification on Claims Download
* Goods Compensation Download
* Accident Compensation Download